About us


Karfa is an authentic Moroccan cuisine restaurant known for its signature Mediterranean dishes. We use aromatic herbs and spices from best Moroccan dining to provide you with sumptuous and mouth melting food.

Listen to some of the great selections of Moroccan music while enjoying in fine ambience of our restaurant. We are always ready to cater to your specific dietary requirements and making your party truly special. We take sincere efforts to ensure that your each visit is memorable for the whole family and your food and drinks are mouth watering and filling.

You are welcome to come and enjoy a steaming hot delicious and appetizing lunch or dinner turning your visit to Karfa into an exciting food fiesta journey with your family & friends. Through our genuine cooking and Karfa is your cultural ambassador to premium Moroccan dining experience.

We are proud to be serving the best moroccan food options in Rangiora celebrating the neighbourhood and history of Rangiora. Our head chef VK has spent more than two decades as a celebrity chef in Mediterranean and Moroccan food.

In a short period of time Karfa has gained tremendous recognition and has solidified its place as an awesome neighbourhood food and culinary destination. Our regular food choices include expertly braised tagines, souvlaki, sizzling chicken and beef and special breads, the Karfa restaurant continues to proudly grow with the Rangiora and Christchurch neighbourhoods where it belongs.